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What I feared the most had happened…YoonA did cut her hair shorter for her role of Lee Hana…it wasn’t just a bit shorter but to me, its a lot and to be honest, I don’t like how its styled. I hate it actually…it reminds me too much back to the Cinderella Man days. I disliked Cinderella Man’s hair…it looked unstylish, unattractive and plain. The crimps make me cringe so much…the hair in Genie was bad as well…there were times it looked nice like when she had the side long bangs with the bun in the back but other that, they pretty much screwed up Yoona’s hair during that time especially the black hair with the crimps….that was just omg so ajhumma-ish!

It finally took almost 3 long years for it to get to the length I wanted…it was just perfect! I just love how long and silky it was then bam! its gone! T_T I wanted JSG to cut his hair not YoonA but instead YoonA is the one who cut it way more than he did…now I dislike both of their hair lol Ever since I saw Lee Hana’s hair, I have been pretty much annoyed and frustrated…of course not towards YoonA but the stylist…seriously what are they thinking? Did they run out of styles? Why go back to the style she had 3 years ago! Sometimes I feel that I love YoonA more than myself lol my hair has been messed up before but I don’t remember being this frustrated and got over it pretty quickly unlike with YoonA’s, I’m still sulking over it =/ Everytime I see a picture of her with the long hair that I love, it just makes me go adksdksdjsdsls! I guess I just want YoonA to look the best…I want people to look at her and go “omg, so gorgeous” instead of ” oh bad hair”. I remember people around me were criticizing her earlier Cinderella Man hair and again, the current hair is quite similar so I don’t want the same thing happening again.

I hate to keep complaining like this but I can’t help it…I am very against the hair…maybe it will look better when it gets straighten out or something but for now, I’m not feeling it at all. I know its for her role and as a professional actress, she has to accept it and I admire her for that and I just hope its worth it because CM was certainly not worth it lol and on the bright side, it could have been worse like that main actress in Wild Romance…her hair was just wow LOL In the description, it says Lee Hana is someone with no fashion sense but it improves later on so hopefully, she will have pretty hair again as the drama progresses.

Now with all that said, it doesn’t make me love YoonA any lesser, I still love and adore the precious thing dearly. Just because she’s sporting a hair I don’t like, I’m not going to ditch her…a bit shallow if that happens. I have been spazzing and praising her countless times for the last few years so just this one, I’m going to be a bit critical…its okay, right? hehe

It looks better in the ponytail



When I found out about the cut, I got so frustrated that I was going to take a break from looking at YoonA’s pictures but this picture came along and I knew I couldn’t stay away from YoonA even if I tried.  SHE IS SO ADORBS!

I’m fine with the color but I don’t like when its down like this…Hair rant aside, I can’t believe YoonA had to walk in the snow in that dress in minus temperature! That is brutal!! The scene looks beautiful but still, having my Yoongie walking  in freezing weather like that is beyond crazy! For people who say or think that YoonA gets it so easily because of her looks…well, think again, the girl is working her @ss off out there!


Despite not favoring the modern day hair, I’m still overly excited for Love Rain…if I had known she would have to cut her hair, it would have been better if Love Rain is all about the 70s! lol jkjk I’m sure Lee Hana is going to be an exciting and enjoyable character to watch. Two more weeks…just two more weeks! I wish Love Rain all the best! For the time being, I’m going to miss YoonA’s long hair and will be waiting for it to grow back…I feel like its going back to square 1 all over again *sigh* Oh wells, I guess by the time for the next concept, her hair will be long again. The Boys’s hair is the best! <33


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